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Whether you’re launching a whole new business brand or a new product/service, we’re here to get you the results you need.

Brand Building

You need both new and loyal customers to build your brand, that’s why we’ll support you all the way with a strategic marketing and communications mix.


From startups to household names, we’re honoured to have been hand-picked to support each and every one of our clients



From PR & influencer outreach to inbound marketing, we know how to support your business growth goals


We’ve worked with hundreds of clients in many different industries and we’ve been effective for all of them


We’re 100% focused on getting the outcomes our clients need to reach their goals and we can prove it

What Is A Marketing & PR Agency?

It’s an agency (that’s us) that specialises in supporting its clients (that’s you) in achieving their business goals by helping them to reach, connect and engage with their target audience (usually their customers).

Public relations agencies or communications agencies typically do this by creating and nurturing relationships with the mainstream media and influencers to gain positive online and offline media (earned media) coverage for the brands they work with. This helps raise brand awareness and desire for their products and services amongst people that have never heard of the brand as well as existing customers.

This kind of ‘earned media’ brand promotion works best as part of a mix of activities that also covers ‘paid media’ (advertising channels like Google Ads and social media ads) and ‘owned media’ (your own website & social media channels).

A marketing and PR agency covers all of these media channels to maximise the results return on investment their clients get.

This is what we do. We cover all of the bases.

Why Hire A Marketing & PR Agency?

We feel that this can best be answered by talking about our clients. We’ve worked with hundreds of brands across a range of industries over the last 13 years from startups to household names and they have one thing in common – ambitious growth and customer retention goals.

Our clients all want to work their way up to the top, and they want to do it sooner rather than later. If they’re already at the top, they need to defend that position and continually launch new successful products and services.

When this is combined with a lack of internal resources and/or expertise, that’s when they call us, that’s when it’s right for them.

They need help realising their business goals and that’s why they hire us.

Do I Need a Marketing & PR Agency?

You only need marketing and PR agency support if it makes business sense to do so.

It doesn’t make sense if the profits you would gain by achieving these goals are low. But if your growth goals are ambitious and profitable then getting expert support makes total sense.

Also, we sometimes come across business owners that have the perception that agency support is expensive. In fact, it’s the opposite. Your alternative to agency support is to hire and/or train your own people. To be effective and cover your owned, earned and paid media channels effectively you’ll probably need to employ at least three new multi-skilled, competent and enthusiastic people.

When you add up their wages, taxes, pensions, insurance, admin, office, equipment, sick pay, annual leave and training costs, we guarantee you’ll spend thousands of dollars more than you would on an agency.

What do Marketing & PR Agencies Do?

There aren’t many one-stop-shops out there that can cover owner, earned and paid media strategies and execution like we do. So taking our services as an example we can answer this question. These are the main areas that we can help with:

  • Public Relations Strategy & Management
  • Influencer Outreach & Management
  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Event Management
  • Digital/Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Paid Social
  • Website Design & Development
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

What is The Process Like?

Firstly, working together should be enjoyable for both client and agency and that’s what we aim for every day. We do this because when everyone is happy in their work, they inspire each other to be more creative and effective, building strong, long-lasting and trusting relationships. 

Secondly, working together should mean that we’re all on the same page. This means that your business goals are clear and we all know how we are supporting you to achieve them.

To do this, we have a process for working out if we’re a good fit with each other. If we are, and we believe we can help, we can work together over the coming months or years sharing in your business successes.

This is what our process looks like. 

1. Assessment

A marketing & communications health check and brand strength review.

2. Exploration

An exploration of how marketing and communications could work for your business.

3. Review

A review of how your current marketing and communications support your growth goals.

4. Plan

A plan for taking action.

5. Execution

We start working together to execute the plan to achieve your growth goals.


We use our full arsenal of explosive communications skills to make all of our clients' brands bigger than ever before. Here are just some of the brands we've made famous over the last 11 years.

FREE Communications Strategy Review

Would you like to know what our Director and communications expert, Dionne Taylor, thinks about your brand and if strategic communications could grow your business?

Let's take the first step together and book a free 30-minute consultation.

FREE Communications Strategy Review

Would you like to know what our Director and communications expert, Dionne Taylor, thinks about your brand and if strategic communications could grow your business?

Let's take the first step together and book a free 30-minute consultation.

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We believe that when good businesses thrive, so do their employees and the communities they serve. That’s why we’re an outcomes focused one-stop-shop consultancy for all. 

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Over the many years we’ve been in business we’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise. If you’re as keen to learn new tricks as we are, we’d like to share it with you. 

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This is where we share more of the things we’ve learned as well as highlighting the latest industry trends, news, information and hacks. We hope it helps.

About Us

Polkadot Communications offers a breadth of services that fall under the communications umbrella. Whether you’re after a bespoke PR Agency, a Communications Agency, a Social Media Agency, an SEO Agency, an Event Management Agency – Polkadot Communications is a one-stop-shop consultancy that tailors the marketing strategy to the individual client’s needs.

We go through an effective process with each client to identify their objectives, understand their industry and the future of the brand so that we can prepare a strategic communications plan to suit their needs.

Outcomes include an increased brand awareness and sales, and ultimately the growth of the client’s business. No matter what your communications needs, Polkadot Communications will work with you to execute a well thought through program to meet your objectives, no matter how big or small.


 “Polkadot Communications’ support helped grow from a small start-up classifieds site to one of Australia’s leading classifieds sites, with over one million people visiting it every month. Thank you, Polkadot Communications team!”

Brian Shanahan

General Manager,

“The Team at Polkadot Communications assisted Vibe’s Marketing Team with securing a celebrity ambassador, media relations and events. Professional at all times, the Team at Polkadot also injected an important dose of personality and fun into the campaign. They were efficient, organised, creative, friendly and always adding new ideas. Their work was backed up by comprehensive weekly phone WIPs and informative monthly reports. We have since selected them to work on subsequent campaigns and we look forward to working with the Team into the future.”

Tessa Anderssen

Communications Manager, Toga Hospitality (Vibe Hotels)

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