…a story by every single true blue Aussie

As with every public holiday in this country, the dreaded routine prevails! Eat, drink, food coma, repeat. Whether your Australia Day consists of a party-filled day or a more relaxing chill out by the water, there’s one thing that remains the same – eating good food, sipping delicious drinks and remembering you have to work the next day after a brief moment of holiday bliss (especially when it falls mid-week this year, AAAHHH!!!)

Regardless, it’s always a wonderful opportunity to spend time with friends, enjoy the Aussie summer, and celebrate the country we live in. January 26th is creeping up too quickly, so it’ if you’re needing a little inspiration look no further.

Australia Day – The day of:


  1. Prepare for the big day at Hurricane’s Grill Circular Quay.

There couldn’t be a better way to start your Australia day than in the iconic Sydney Harbour. Hurricane’s Grill, Circular Quay boasts harbour views along with an enviable menu and extensive, delicious cocktail list, the perfect combination for an awesome Australia Day!

As per their annual tradition, Hurricane’s Grill will be offering a delicious Australia Day special.

This year, guests can tuck into a traditional Aussie Burger which includes 100% beef burger, cheese, egg, and beetroot on a toasted bun including chips, while sipping on an ‘Opera Sunset’ cocktail featuring Absolut Vanilla, Cointreau, lemon juice and lemon sorbet for $35.

A quintessentially Australian feed and a delectable Aussie themed cocktail – what better way to start your celebrations!

  1. If you’re staying at home with some friends or family and want to take the effort out of cooking, Foodora can help you out with delicious food options from the city’s finest restaurants. Here are some Aussie inspired dishes available for delivery to get you in the spirit:

Joes Catch of the Day – Balmain

Because you really can’t go wrong with fish and chips.

Harbour Bar and Kitchen – Darling Harbour

What could be more Australian than the Australian Chargrilled Crocodile Burger?

Arthurs Pizza – Bondi Junction

Pineapple DOES go on pizza.

Meat District Co. – Sydney CBD

Did someone say snags?


Australia Day – The day after:


  1. For those who had a quiet one: wake up feeling fresh as a daisy and definitely don’t feel for all those struggling through their day at work. No doubt you’re sitting smugly at your desk, after all, you probably didn’t have the foresight to take the Friday off as an annual leave day!
  2. Australia Day - Hangover ClinicFor those who drank one too many margaritas: Revitalise after the big day and head over to the Hangover Clinic.

Located in Surry Hills, they’ll get rid of that post-Australia Day pounding head and mouth drier than the Sahara in as little as 30 minutes. Their hugely popular intravenous hangover cures are all administered by fully qualified and registered doctors. All you have to do is sit back in one of the comfy loungers, relax and sip on a freshly made fruit smoothie while they “bring you back to life” (and you swear to yourself that you’ll never drink again).

  1. Greasy food is a hangover’s best friend. So if you’re stuck at work and can’t hold off ‘til lunch time, or you need double the amount of help, Foodora has your back. There are many meals available to order to before lunch to get you through the rough morning

Treetop Café – Waterloo

The Big Treetop Breakfast is sure to do the trick: eggs, bacon, chorizo, grilled tomato, mushroom, hash brown and sourdough – yum!

Ze Pickle – Surry Hills

The Southern Hick burger will be calling your name: crispy fried chicken, maple smoked bacon, jack cheese, iceberg, tomato and zp sauce.

Istanbul on King– Newtown

Choose from all your favourite classic kebabs – that is if you didn’t have one on the way home the night before!


No matter how you celebrate your Australia day – make it a good one!

Happy Australia Day!

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