The human body is well-equipped to handle illnesses. However, the cells that comprise the body are under constant attack from harmful free radicals that roam rampant in the environment. If the cells take on too much damage, this results in a weakened immune system, which in turn can render the body more susceptible to disease.

Hence the need to consume fruits and vegetables—foods rich in antioxidants that combat the damage caused by free radicals. Instead of always purchasing these from a grocery store, however, why not grow your own real, whole foods full of valuable antioxidants? Growing these foods yourself means you can have immediate access to the varieties that suit you best.

Belinda Thackeray, horticulturalist expert at Eden Gardens, shares some tips for plants to grow in your own backyard rich in the best antioxidants:


Carrots are high in carotene and have no trouble growing in both gardens and large pots. Kale just loves to grow—you can continuously harvest its leaves as needed. Tomatoes are something your antioxidant garden should never be without because it’s rich in vitamins, lycopene, and all-important beta carotene.


Evergreen blueberry hybrids are juicy, sweet and flavourful. The same goes for strawberries. Both are rich in polyphenols, which may help prevent cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Regarding strawberries, the Sweetheart and Torrey varieties are the best ones to start with.

Coffee and tea

Yes, you can grow coffee and tea in your own backyard. The best thing about growing these yourself is that you do away with much of the processing that packaged coffee and tea products go through, which basically rob them of much of their antioxidant properties.

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(Source: Grow a medicine cabinet in the garden, Blacktown Sun, Nov. 17, 2014)

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