So, day one of isolation we affirm we are going to take this crazy COVID-19 situation as an opportunity to improve our health. Day two comes around and we are eating lasagne in the shower whilst singing along to ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey…

Whilst our intentions may be good, keeping ourselves accountable is proving to be the challenge. Have no fear though, at-home workouts are here to save the day! If there is one positive that comes from this, it is the overwhelming array of online platforms that have opened their virtual doors to the community for free. Many workout apps, such as Down Dog, SWEAT by Kayla Itsines and Centr by Chris Hemsworth are offering their usually subscription-based services for free, to help you get fit in isolation. Because really, who wouldn’t want to watch Chris Hemsworth workout?

What’s great about these fitness apps, is that they do all the hard work for you (well kind of, if you don’t count the actual physical workout) and plan, structure, motivate, demonstrate and record your progress, so you can put your important brain stimulation to something more important, like binge-watching intense Netflix shows. But in all seriousness, being stuck indoors shouldn’t stop you from working out and it is more important than ever to be mindful of your body and keep active. Hence why these online, at-home workouts, whether it be through an app, YouTube or ZOOM with your PT, are so convenient and relevant.

In fitting form, Director of the Fitness Show, Shaun Krenz says “Life as we know it is changing and physical interaction is limited, meaning that being active is more important than ever to support our immune systems and our mental fitness. Through all of this though, we are finding positives and learning that there are many amazing benefits from working out at home.

I’ve been working out in commercial gyms all my life and so this forced changed has opened up a new perspective and in the end, I might actually form a view that working out from home is superior to visiting a commercial gym. Benefits I’m seeing so far are time, convenience, no waiting in line and freedom to push myself beyond where I would go in a commercial gym. Then lastly music, I can turn up my speakers as loud as I want and dance around during sets!

All in all, it’s been fantastic and the many resources available online have meant that every day is a different workout. I may never look back!”

With gyms adapting to the current climate, so many yoga and Pilates tutorials for all stages, living-room friendly workouts and even 80s-style aerobics, the online wellness industry is booming, not just toilet paper. So, let’s all take the long journey to our living rooms, drink some water so we don’t become dehydrated from our long journey, swap your UGG boots for your runners and join the at-home workout community to mentally and physically better ourselves during this time.

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