Wine is certainly one of the simplest and sweetest joys in life. It has its place at almost every occasion, from parties, religious ceremonies, and even family dinners. Few things are more relaxing, delicious, or amazing than an excellent bottle of wine. Not surprisingly, wine collecting has become a satisfying—albeit expensive—hobby for some.

Some even go a step further and choose to advance their love for wine into a more productive, and even profitable, pursuit. These are your wine industry professionals, food and wine media personnel, winery event organisers, and wine critics. For those who want to become any of these, there’s the Sydney Wine Academy (SWA).

As part of the Northern Sydney Institute, the Sydney Wine Academy leads the way in nationally and internationally accredited programs, from foundation-level wine appreciation courses to the more advanced programmes for the sommeliers of the food and beverage society. Working with renowned wine trainers and sommeliers like Sebastian Crowther, the SWA is where Australian and international expertise come together to deliver top-calibre wine education to those who want it.

With this line-up of practical courses, under the tutelage of industry-revered professionals, students get a better grasp of what it is actually like to work in the food and wine service industry. An opportunity such as this should be made available to as many interested hobbyists or potential students as possible. With a reliable food PR Agency like Polkadot PR at the helm of its marketing efforts, an institution like SWA can assure its target market that the educational programmes they signed up for are up-to-date with the current developments in the industry. Having in place a dedicated partnership such as this can help SWA achieve its goal of sharing knowledge on everything about wine to those who seek it out.

Needless to say, the value of a leading lifestyle PR Agency like Polkadot PR is in its ability to help build the reputation and fulfil the marketing objectives of an institution like SWA by staying abreast with the latest industry developments and innovations and making strategic recommendations on how to optimise promotional efforts within that market context.

(Source: The Sydney Wine Academy)

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