We have set up a COVID-19 communications hotline for any small business or not-for-profit who are challenged with cut marketing spend and who are unsure how to navigate their communications during this time.

The intention of the hotline is to help Australian brands and not-for-profits who need guidance on communication to their stakeholders, staff, customers and the media. It’s available to companies who do not have access to these resources currently and will remain a free service.

Founder and owner of Polkadot Communications, Dionne Taylor, says, “My intention is that Polkadot Communications will become a trusted advisor to brands and organisations to help steer them through the uncertainty, whilst also supporting their company’s marketing challenges. We are able to assist them to rebuild their brand value, sales, momentum whilst they navigate their way in this limbo-state we are all finding ourselves in.

“In times of change, we want to help brands to operate in a new communications world and to support them in keeping a presence when research is showing that consumers and businesses are listening now more than ever. For brands that have taken a hit, we want to help them fight back and get on the front foot so that they can thrive again.

“All industries have been affected, and communication, both internal and external is so important. When the lights of the world have been switched off, now more than ever is the time to switch on or maintain and pivot your marketing to remain relevant, so that the business’ network can keep supporting them and come out the other end, together. Now is the time to begin to build if brands want to thrive when the market improves,”  says Dionne.

Dionne Taylor suspects businesses will require guidance around internal communication to employees, external communication to stakeholders and social media audiences, and assistance with crisis communications.

Whilst Polkadot Communications have had some clients in the travel sector pause their campaigns, other sectors such as tech and pet health have continued to thrive.

As a company, in keeping with the guidelines from around the world to enforce and maintain social distancing, the company has temporarily changed its logo with the motto, “Maintaining Relevance. Keeping Socially Distant.”

To access a free consultation, businesses and not-for-profits are encouraged to visit our bookings page here:


Sessions will take place either on Zoom or on the phone.

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