Evidence indicates that better health helps children have increased focus and attention, decreased discipline problems, lower risk of injury, higher academic achievement, and better attendance levels. You already know that physical activity and improved nutrition are key components of a child’s overall health, but did you know that the soles of their feet play a critical part in it as well?

So much information is circulating about children’s footwear; it can be confusing to know where to start. To help you with your choices, running-shoe company VIVOBAREFOOT launched a global educational program to help initiate a significant change in the way parents buy shoes for their kids.


Founded by Galahad Clark, a 6th-generation shoemaker of the Clarks Shoes Dynasty, VIVOBAREFOOT aims to emphasise the importance of allowing the feet to function as naturally as possible. VIVOBAREFOOT bases its shoe designs on the concept that your feet have everything they need to function properly, and footwear should only be there to enhance—not hinder—the feet’s natural capabilities. Marrying research and innovation, the company has launched a new type of footwear for children, which allows the natural development of their feet.


Pippa Buxton, blogger for Little Earth Nest, shares what VIVOBAREFOOT can mean for your young ‘uns.

Sensation is very important in the argument for barefoot shoes and it also sounds perfectly reasonable to us that when there is a thick barrier between the foot and what it is feeling, that it can actually create opportunities for injury when your body isn’t getting reliable messages about what it is feeling in order to work out how it should be responding. A thick solid sole limits the amount of feedback our brain gets about the surface we are walking on. Without the ability to detect the nuances of the surface on which it is walking. The body has less awareness when it needs to adapt to instability and may also have limited ability to respond if it has been over supported.

Indeed, all children can benefit from wearing the highly innovative products of a forward-thinking company such as VIVOBAREFOOT.

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(Source: VIVOBAREFOOT Review: Barefoot School Shoes That Deserve a Rave, Little Earth Nest, 17 Jan. 2014)

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