In the world of fashion, the media is always on the hunt for the most beautiful: the most beautiful dress, the most beautiful makeup, the most beautiful shoes—you name it, somebody’s probably looking for it. And any great business knows that there is a big opportunity in this perpetual hunt for beauty.

One brand that hosts engaging beauty competitions is the well-known Dove® campaign for Real Beauty. The search was created to provide discussion and encourage debate about what ‘real beauty’ meant to women and men. The campaign has evolved since its inception in 2004 and globally it created quite a stir about the different perceptions of beauty.

It is through PR campaigns such as these that an acclaimed beauty PR Agency such as Polkadot PR can help brands with yet-to-be-unlocked potential attract the attention they deserve. Drawing on their rich experience in the beauty industry, such agencies understand how to position a brand for maximum media exposure.

To place their clients in the spotlight, proper target marketing is key; for instance, note that the Dove Real Beauty campaign used a general focus to generate interest for both its professional and consumer lines. Target marketing ensures that you send the right message to the right audience.

As one option, an established Sydney PR Agency can leverage its connections with the beauty industry to secure the necessary exposure for its clients – as it has done for a multitude of trade beauty names, including Hair Biz, Professional Beauty, Australian Hair and Beauty, Culture, InStyle Trade, and The Journal.

Of course, a competition remains one of the most effective platforms for marketing a brand. Campaigns such as this one is a great example of consumer engagement, and such competitions are tried-and-tested strategies for building brand awareness for professional products.

When it comes to promoting your brand, it makes sense to leverage society’s perpetual hunt for beauty – and these types of competitions, coupled with the expertise of a renowned beauty PR agency, make a winning combination.

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