The silly season is upon us and our waistlines are not entirely pleased about it!

The same thing happens every year; we indulge so much that by the time the New Year comes around we are raring for a healthier, happier version of ourselves. Did this happen to you in 2011, 2012, and now 2013?

According to Google trends, Australian searches for ‘weight loss’ fell to its lowest point of 2012 in the week leading up to Christmas and then more than doubled in the first two weeks of January 2013 – and, continue to peak every Sunday.

Likewise, the search term ‘gym’ spiked as the year turned to 2013 with Aussies desperately trying to rectify their Christmas binge and fulfill their New Year’s resolution. No wonder gyms are busiest on a Monday evening.

But is it because of our excess binge in December that we automatically jump ship in January to create a healthier version of ourselves, or is it simply because we are depriving ourselves so much in the New Year that we fall off the bandwagon shortly after? Juxtaposing the festive season with the month that allows you to turn over a new leaf undoubtedly contributes to this spike in health related Google searches.

Circumstantial though it may be, we are clearly struggling to stick to a healthy eating regime and as a result ‘ new years resolution weight loss’ and ‘new years quit smoking’ or even ‘new years resolution health kick’ associated searches are recurring every January as we push for a better ‘us’ in the New Year.

Maintaining a healthy balance of food groups and allowing yourself to indulge in a healthy and natural ‘treat’ every now and then might be just what you need to nip this resolution in the bud for good.

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