Sydney, New South Wales (January 30, 2014) – One of the best PR companies in Sydney is offering its customers campaigns that leverage its tradition for uncompromising quality while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Polkadot PR, a boutique agency founded by ex-journalist Dionne Taylor, asserts that the company can help its clients achieve better results for less cost than can other PR channels.

The company’s focused approach to looking after its clients means that it is able to devote time to creating and fine-tuning each individual campaign. In this manner, the company contributes effectively to the creative process of organising a campaign – an aspect of the Polkadot PR approach that many of its clients have praised. The result is a campaign tailored to reach specific target audiences and produce the best impact possible.

Better customer service and more reporting are additional benefits that the company notes it can provide. Working with a smaller pool, they are able to provide their clients with personalised interactions that are both relevant and timely. Problems can be addressed efficiently and data more stringently analysed to better achieve the campaign’s goals.

All these benefits are then crowned by the advantage of having to pay less fees and overheads – the result of operating a smaller team that does not deal with redundant bureaucracy. With no hidden charges, clients know upfront what their campaign budget should be.

Interested parties looking for reliable public relations companies in Sydney can turn to Polkadot PR for a bespoke customer-service-focused approach to implementing their PR campaign. For more information, visit today.

About Polkadot PR

Polkadot PR is a boutique public relations agency based in Sydney that caters to local, national and international clients. The company specialises in providing public relations services for beauty, fashion, travel, home, lifestyle, food, beverage, and professional services. With their staff experienced in both PR and journalism, the company is able to uniquely position its clients for great press coverage.

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