Surrey Hills, New South Wales (15 January 2015) – As one of the foremost PR companies in Sydney, Polkadot PR has always been passionate about supporting brands that offer products and services that can genuinely enhance people’s lives. That’s why the firm is very proud to be the Public Relations partner for Changing Habits and its 21-Step Reset program that will help establish a strong foundation for vitality and optimum health.

Founded by Cyndi O’Meara, Changing Habits aims to assist people through programs and protocols designed to achieve optimum health and well-being. As a nutritionist, Cyndi has been studying diet, nutrition and health issues since 1980, and has shared her knowledge nationally and internationally as a speaker. Furthermore, her book has been translated into other languages, while her healthful products are distributed in 37 countries worldwide. As a product of her profound experience in the field, the 21-day program provides tools, support, and education to enable lifelong change without having to count calories or resort to low-fat alternatives.

Since whole foods are an important factor in the Changing Habits program, Cyndi never brings out a product unless it has passed meticulous research. To do this, she and her husband Howard travel to the food’s country of origin to see where it is grown and packaged before it is deemed suitable to be part of the Changing Habits food line. You can therefore trust that every single product you’ll find in the Changing Habits product range is both ethical and nutritious.

Changing Habits is just one of the many great brands and companies that benefit from Polkadot PR’s specialised public relations techniques. If you’re interested in gaining exceptional press coverage for what you have to offer, feel free to browse through

About Polkadot PR:

Polkadot PR is a leading Sydney PR company composed of former journalist Dionne Taylor and her team of skilled Public Relations professionals. Since 2006, the firm has provided exceptional press coverage for over 500 clients.

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