It’s that time of year again, Daffodil Day, the day on the calendar that pledges to the Australian community to donate to the Cancer Council, and this year Eden Gardens is encouraging their community to participate in donation through exciting events.

To promote these events and to drive consumers to register for them, facilities like Eden Gardens need to work with Sydney PR companies like Polkadot PR. It is the PR agency’s job to communicate the benefits of such events to consumers, partners and opinion formers, to ensure optimal public reception. With the PR agency’s help, these events will be a huge success.

At Eden Gardens, guests are invited to listen to a guest speaker from the Cancer Council, visit the beautiful Daffodil Garden and see the Daffodils in bloom, be entertained by a local school and write a message on the Daffodil Tree. The morning tea is open to all Australians young and old, and it’s the PR Company’s job to encourage members of the community to attend through widespread media coverage.

How to tell if you need a PR agency

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