Hair damage is a common complaint when using accessories, but here’s one bit of good news for all the girls out there: Scunci, a brand known for its range of hair-friendly accessories, is launching a new comfy range for everyday styling bliss. Renowned Sydney PR Agency Polkadot PR is working with the brand to give its products more market exposure.

Scunci’s comfy range is composed of versatile pastel-coloured hair accessories that are perfect for any occasion. They can be worn to school or work, during workouts, or even with evening attire. The product line is composed mainly of headbands and elastics.

The headbands can be used in multiple ways. They can be worn as traditional headbands, or complemented with hair wraps for a stunning party look. With a style to suit every girl’s flair for fashion, they provide a comfortable and secure hold all day with their ‘no-slip grip’ features.

Scunci’s hair elastics hold hair without the need for metal parts that can cause discomfort and hair breakage. The products come in rainbow colours as well as conventional navy blue, black, and brown hues. They also come in varying styles, such as clear polyblends that can be hidden by hair, beautiful blend elastics that give the hair a seamless look, and fabric-covered elastics for large and elaborate styling.

Scunci also has an existing collection for sports and exercise routines—the Active Range. These are designed to keep hair looking good no matter how intense the workout. Scunci uses durable and trendy fabrics of premium quality with perfect fit size for optimal comfort. The products feature ‘no-slip grips’ to hold hair in place without causing damage. They are made of reversible, reflective and lightweight material for more fashionable and flexible styling.

Aside from accessories, Scunci has grooming tools such as brushes, combs, rollers and mirrors of varying functions. The company’s styling tools give hair an elegant look for special occasions, an effect which was once only achieved through hairdressers. Scunci hair products can be purchased through Priceline, Big W and some selected salons and pharmacies in Australia. Its Scunci Girl line is also available in Toys “R” Us.

As one of the most trusted Public Relations Agencies in Australia, Polkadot PR is one with Scunci’s vision that modern hair fashion should not be a torment and that any girl should be able to look good while feeling comfortable. If you believe in your product’s potential but have challenges in making it known to your target market, we are here to help you.

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