Some great news from SHOWPO: The online fashion site recently announced the winner of the ‘Face of SHOWPO! Out of 12 finalists, contestant Zoe was the standout. Here is SHOWPO’s message to the winner and the rest of the contestants:

“Congrats Zoe!!! We are sooo excited to shoot with you!

Zoe has won a modelling contract with us, as well as a SHOWPO wardrobe for a year, and will feature in our next national TV campaign!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, and all our gorgeous finalists who came to our photo shoot on the day!

You guys are the best!”

SHOWPO’s competition, which was launched on Facebook, saw their page likes soar to a mind-blowing 384,000-plus. As a marketing strategy, it was clear that the ‘Face of SHOWPO was an astounding success for the brand.

You can achieve the same level of success with your brand.

Whether you admit it or not, you want people to talk about your brand. You want your customers to always have your products and services in mind. Contest marketing can help you achieve just that, and with the help of a good Sydney fashion PR Agency, your contest marketing campaign will be promoted proficiently, to give you the results you want.

Why should you work with a fashion PR AGENCY?

You can’t just come up with a contest and expect it to work. A good contest needs to be well planned and launched at the right time. The more time you spend working your contest to perfection, the better the outcome will be. You also need the right people promoting it, and this is where a Sydney Public Relations Agency like Polkadot PR can really help.

A well-executed contest will be able to achieve six important benefits: engage customers, grow fan base, increase brand equity, drive online and offline traffic, provide data and insight on your customers and, most of all, generate leads and enhance sales. Make sure your contest achieves these goals by having a good PR Agency like Polkadot PR take charge of your contest marketing promotions.

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