Innovation is the basic principle behind a competitive, forward-thinking and knowledge-driven business. It helps drive growth and enhance the brand name, among many other advantages. Brands would therefore find it most ideal and beneficial to work with a Sydney fashion PR agency that loves innovation.

For example, PR company Polkadot PR based their strategy on this, exactly, as they took on the case of Blue Reef Vision, Australia’s ‘young, new and fashion-forward eyewear company.’ A brief description of the company reveals:

A design team focusing on the contemporary and reinventing the classic, this eyewear label recognises the need for multifunctional products in a world that demands optimal performance in every aspect.

Blue Reef Vision is about lifestyle – their motto, “adventure meets sophistication”, epitomises their ability to infuse the latest technology with fashion. Committed to quality, each pair of sunglasses in their collection achieves versatility, satisfaction and aesthetics.

Head designer, Gisu Mobarhani, says “this is what differentiates our brand from others established in Australia. We specialise in polarised sunglasses, engineered specifically with the highest quality materials. We want to create a statement which has strength, comfort as well as safety”.

As the PR agency for Blue Reef Vision, Polkadot PR’s role is to create a plan that reaches the client’s target market in relevant industries (fashion, sports, and outdoor media). The main objective, therefore, is to get the word out about Blue Reef Vision and put the company in a position to become a leading fashion polarized glasses brand. The way the PR company did it was to play up the fact that Blue Reef Vision’s way of artfully combining the classic with the contemporary in their designs is the brainchild of a design team that values innovation as much as they did.

Why is innovation important?

Innovation is about creating the right kind of identity as a business. It’s so easy to copy what’s working in today’s market, but without innovation, the positive results of your efforts aren’t likely to last long. The advantages of innovation in business go way beyond making money and doing well, and far outweigh the benefits you’ll experience when you settle on copying someone else’s idea or model.

Share your passion for innovation

Innovation is the difference between businesses that ride the rocket skyward and those that simply inhale the fumes. If you want to promote, market, sell, and care for your customers in an innovative way, get a lifestyle PR agency, such as Polkadot PR, that can do that for you.

(Source: Blue Reef Vision)

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