Time sure does fly, and before anyone knows it, it’s September already. Of course, people aren’t just preparing for the impending holiday season; they’re bracing themselves for the summer, too.

As one might expect, the approaching beach season will prompt many folks to begin dieting so they can look good in their bikinis and board shorts—with mixed success, though. However, one company claims to provide the last “start over” that dieters will ever need:

…The 21-Step Reset creates the foundations of optimal health and vitality. Designed to be the last “”start over”” you ever do again, this program guides you step-by-step towards a new healthier version of you.

Providing education, tools and support for lifelong change, Changing Habits supply all participants with a Recipe Book and Meditation Audio by renowned expert, Dr. Michelle Nielsen. The recipe book contains over 60 of Changing Habits’ best and easy, affordable recipes to make at home with a focus on whole foods.

The aim of the program is to help you restore balance – each day you will be able to map your progress and along the way Changing Habits will be checking in with you providing tips and offering support.

While the program promises to teach people healthier eating habits in three weeks’ time, they need to stick with the program for at least a few months in order to lose enough weight and rock a beach-ready bod. As such, companies like Changing Habits have to convince clients to sign up months before the summer officially begins.

a healthier you in 21 days

Fortunately, Sydney PR companies like Polkadot PR can help clients spread the word about their products and services well ahead of a target season or holiday. These agencies utilise a multitude of public relations strategies, from staging stunts and photocalls, to organising and managing publicity events, to writing print-ready press releases. In other words, they are pros at creating opportunities that attract media attention, so a client can get the coverage they need to pique the public’s interest.

As the case of Changing Habits proves, it is not only people who are rushing to get in shape in time for summer—weight-loss education companies are also in a crunch to help individuals shed excess pounds. Experienced public relations companies in Sydney, though, can help bring these two parties together. This is, after all, the goal of public relations: to build mutually beneficial relationships between companies and their target markets.

(Source: A HEALTHIER YOU IN 21 DAYS, ChangingHabits.com.au)

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