Christmas is perhaps the biggest shopping season of the year, with Australians spending at least $29.6 billion last year. However, it’s not just brick-and-mortar stores that are cashing in on the buying frenzy; online retailers are, too. In fact, this article from states that Aussies are quite fond of purchasing things from the Internet:

A survey has found Australians are shopping online more frequently than people in other developed nations.

The annual World Internet Project has found the number of online purchases made by Australians grew by more than 46 per cent between 2011 and 2013.

The monthly value of online purchases per person grew by nearly 6 per cent to $218.

Swinburne University’s Scott Ewing, one of the report’s authors, says it shows Australians are making online shopping part of their everyday lives.

“Australians are more likely to shop weekly or more often than other jurisdictions, so in 2013 it was something like three in ten Australians shopped online at least weekly,” he said.

“That compared to two in ten roughly in New Zealand, and it was just 10 per cent in Switzerland.”

Not surprisingly, online shops have begun ramping up their marketing efforts to attract holiday shoppers. Take, for example,, one of the country’s largest online department stores, which recently launched its “Shamelessly Good Value” campaign on 28th September.

According to Geoff Adams, OO Buying Manager, ‘The Shamelessly Good Value tagline is a little quirky and unexpected, which pays homage to our brand personality and also speaks to the great savings and quality you get when you shop at OO.’

The company adds that the new TV spot seeks to evolve the company’s image from being a discount department store into Australia’s favourite home and lifestyle department store. As such, the commercial prominently features the retailer’s new furniture and home appliance range.

While the 30- and 15-second TVCs will air for 10 weeks on free-to-air channels and in digital media, the company has also partnered with Polkadot PR, one of the leading PR Companies in Sydney, to help them garner greater exposure for the new campaign.

After all, Sydney Public Relations companies are skilled at creating opportunities that allow clients to further promote their products or services. Whether by creating press releases or organising launch events, PR professionals ensure that their client is visible both on and off the air.

(Source: Internet sales rise as Aussies head online to shop more often,, December 31, 2013)

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