It is hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago, our daily routine of going to work, kissing our pets goodbye, or telling them that you’ll miss them and will be home soon (if you’re like me), was going to suddenly turn into a new routine.

With all that COVID-19 has done to shake us to the core and the fabric of our society, there is one thing that this horrific virus hasn’t been able to take away from us… and that’s our new working from home routine with our pets.

Much to our furry friends’ delight, their pawrent wasn’t leaving the house at all. We are still going to work, yes, but in a new kind of going to work, and one that involves them!

And hasn’t the world embraced this new at-home normal?

Craving connections and the outside world, social media platforms and pets have become our new vice. Content has exploded with light-hearted memes, stories and pictures of dogs and cats to lighten even the darkest of days.

Our “newest colleagues” have become our self-isolation companions and have allowed us to break the rules of social distancing, one fluffy cuddle at a time.

Here’s some of the Polkadot Communications team with their new teammates: 

Dionne, Anna and Rach - Polkadot Communications

The star of the show, with over 80,000 followers (grown from 20,000 in only a few weeks) @dogsworkingfromhome calls their page “the unsung heroes of our webcam meetings, the pawfect 3pm procrastination cure who are also thinking ytf u home’’. From dogs in ties and glasses to hosting conference calls and virtual staff meetings, every story unfolds a shared moment of fun and unites us #weareallinthistogether

Even celebrities have got in on the act—with Anthony Hopkins serenading his cat, and Arnold Schwarzenegger delivering a stay-at-home video PSA starring his pet donkey and miniature horse in his kitchen.

On a more serious side, there are huge benefits to having a fluffball in moments of fear and uncertainty including emotional support and combating loneliness.

With our hearts at home full, our pets have been pulling at our purse strings too. New research on how the coronavirus crisis has impacted on households show that Petcare has seen a surge in sales (up 28 per cent).

The question to ask though, is how will our fur babies cope when we do return to ‘normal’? As much as our own mental health is on our radar, how do we manage our pets when our work routine changes?

Will bosses be more open to employees bringing their pets to work, not just on special days but on furrever days? I think we should start a pawtion! 😊

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