Investing in public relations has countless benefits including building relationships, building a valuable reputation, and building credibility. The same credibility could not be matched by an advertising campaign, no matter how widespread. And it’s this credibility that fuels new customer acquisition and retention at almost every stage of the buyers’ journey – from reach to conversion.

The team at Polkadot Communications provide pride themselves on being prolific storytellers. We tell the story of our clients to the media, and then to the public. We’ve done this for the last 13 years for Australia’s leading brands across a variety of sectors including food, fashion, travel, beauty, health, lifestyle, education and professional services.

We are proud to say that our hard work has led Clutch to list us among the top PR firms in Sydney! Clutch is a B2B ratings and review firm which connects businesses with the best suppliers, and it’s great news to be recognised by them.

We are proud to say we have outranked our competitors in Sydney and around the world! Our services in Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, SEO, and Social Media Marketing have helped propel us to the top, and we want to thank our clients for helping us along this journey. We practice what we preach.

Our director, Dionne Taylor has a few words to say regarding the company’s accomplishments:

“Polkadot Communications’ clients are the bread and butter of our business. We seek to work with clients who have an interesting story to tell – they’re either doing something unique in their industry or challenging the status quo. We love working with challenger brands and through our efforts in achieving earned media, we make a difference to their brand awareness, credibility and sales.


“Polkadot Communications has been successfully running for the last 13 years, retaining clients since we started. We have seen our clients flourish in their industries as a result of the good work we have done for them. We don’t just take on any client, we carefully assess them to ensure we can meet their objectives to make a powerful impact on their business.”

Director, Dionne Taylor, Polkadot Communications

We provide comprehensive PR services, so our clients need not look far for all their needs! We specialise in telling our client’s story in a way that promotes brand awareness and targets their key audiences.

We work with clients whose vision we believe in so that really feel like we are making a difference. And we are.

In addition to Clutch, our work has been featured on The Manifest, a business news and tips site which has listed us among top PR firms in Australia.

The Manifest Top PR Agencies in Australia - Polkadot Communications

You can also find us on Visual Objects, a site for visual and creative design firms which has posted our portfolio items!

We want to thank our clients who have made our success possible. Their success is our success, and we could not be happier.

If you are interested in finding out if your business could generate a strong pipeline of leads and sales from PR or other marketing and communications services, book a free 30-minute communication strategy assessment with Dionne Taylor today.

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