So, you’ve taken the big step and hired a PR agency. But the work doesn’t stop there, to get the most out of your PR agency it needs to be a two way process. Here are some of our top tips to getting the most out of your agency.

Give clear objectives: It sounds obvious, but the more the agency knows exactly what you’re looking for, the more likely they are going to be able to deliver results.

Communicate: Keeping your agency in the loop with any new product launches, partnerships or developments in the business is imperative, so we can keep the press up to date with your news.

Give feedback: While your PR company may be great at getting your brand lots of lovely coverage, if you don’t give them feedback about what coverage is increasing web traffic or sales, they won’t know what is working for you. Once a PR agency knows what works, they can adapt their work to ensure the PR has a positive impact on your business.

Be available: PR’s are often working to very tight media deadlines, so it’s important clients are on hand to answer any last minute interview questions or media requests.

Understand the difference between PR and advertising: Unlike advertising, no PR company can completely control the exact amount of coverage you will get and the timing of the coverage. It’s our job to put your brand in front of the right people and in the best possible light, but exactly what and when something is featured is down to the editor.

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