Your Critical 2022 Digital Marketing Checklist Template


Following the crazy year many brands have had, we believe business can look forward to a rebound in digital marketing in 2022. This is according to media forecasts that expect advertising spend to recover by 5.8% globally. It’s almost certain that marketing teams will continue to move their budgets from traditional media into the digital space, which already accounted for 51% of ad spending in 2020.

Some brands may still be wary of losses as the second wave of the pandemic runs its course, so we expect to see large percentages of budgets go toward actions where you can get the best bang for your buck. Top components of your effective 2022 digital marketing checklist template should be:

#1: Public Relations

Public Relations

In PR and elsewhere, 2021 has been a year like no other. Even the Oxford English Dictionary wasn’t able to pick a single word to describe the year. Heading into 2022, we’re expecting to see changes to the PR landscape that will affect marketers, including the presence of visual or social proof. The huge fallout of “fake news” we’ve seen in the recent past means every consumer now wants to see irrefutable evidence of claims made by brands.

Building a marketing checklist template for a successful PR strategy will require imagery, videos, credible influencer endorsements, and traction on social media platforms. While press releases will still play a role, everything needs to be available and distributed digitally.


Tools we use to facilitate PR campaigns include:


  • Newswire and PR Distribution Australia for distribution of press releases and other materials
  • Cision Communications Cloud, which helps you understand your target audience better, monitor mentions of any relevant topics, and measure the impact of your PR campaigns.
  • Hunter, a handy tool that enables marketers to track down the contact info of pretty much anyone they need to get hold of.

#2: Interactive Marketing

Interactive Marketing

Since we already made the shift to doing things virtually during the pandemic, increased interactivity is one of the marketing trends we’re expecting to see much of in 2022. Video marketing alone has increased from 61% to 85% over the past five years, according to a survey by Wyzowl, and streaming services have made it easier to reach audiences with video than ever before.

Interactive Marketing TOOLKIT

Get the most out of your video marketing with these tools:

  • Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 – this is a stable video editing program for beginners, which has enough power and features to allow you to migrate to more advanced aspects as you become proficient.
  • Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 is a feature-packed, intuitive, consumer video editing package that’s easy to use and has advanced capabilities like chroma key and VR video editing.
  • Stock videos, such as those available from Adobe and Shutterstock can give you the footage you need for your marketing project for a fraction of the price of setting up a photo shoot.

And if you want something really special, a coordinated stunt or photocall can deliver maximum impact and ROI from your video marketing.


Put your 2022 strategy into action with this marketing checklist template. Plan, execute, and measure impactful marketing campaigns, and track your progress easily.

Check out our downloadable summary here.

Marketing Checklist 2022

#3: Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

This is the art of leveraging the digital channels your target audience uses to attract them to your product or service. An inbound strategy focuses on coordinating your website, landing pages, email marketing, social media presence, and other options to create a positive experience tailored to the brand’s ideal customer.

Inbound Marketing TOOLKIT

A marketing checklist template of essential inbound tools includes:

Inbound Lead Generation tools, such as:

Paid Advertising tools to drive inbound traffic. These include:

A/B Testing and Site Design tools, such as:

These are just the tip of the iceberg, and although many are easy to use and simple to deploy, you’ll do well to consider tasking an experienced inbound marketing agency with devising a strategy for you.

#4: Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Content is still the hub around which everything turns, and it forms the cornerstone of your overall marketing. From blog posts to brochures, website copy and press releases, every piece of content you publish needs to be unique, authoritative, and provide value for the consumer.

A detailed editorial calendar that combines quality keyword research with content ideas will enable you to build up your brand reputation, generate leads, and strengthen your online presence.

Content Marketing TOOLKIT

Content marketing tools you can try are:

  • CoSchedule – this gives you an interface where you can organise your blog and social media in a single place, integrate them with your WordPress or other content management system (CMS) and schedule live dates that suit your target audience.
  • Grammarly – ensures you escape common spelling and grammar traps and provide quality material that satisfies the Google algorithm.
  • MailChimp – an easy way to handle the email marketing requirements of your content calendar without stress.

Your content strategy doesn’t depend only on creation, though. Once you’ve developed a wealth of valuable material, your content promotion efforts get the information in front of the right people.

#5: SEO


Organic search is one of the most effective channels in a marketing checklist template, and optimising your website for search will remain one of the most important functions in 2022. After all, what’s the point of creating all that wonderful content if nobody sees it?

Voice search is especially up-and-coming at present, partly as a result of the popular uptake of digital assistants like Google Home, Siri, and Alexa. Search engine optimisation can seem very technical, so if you’re going to outsource any part of your marketing strategy this might be where your budget is best spent.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the incorporation of researched keywords into high quality content, in a way that brings up the relevant pages when a user searches on the key terms. This is supported by regular review of the google analytics for your website, to determine which keywords are bringing the most visitors and the pages they are landing on.

Off-Page SEO

This is more of a content promotion function than an SEO process, but it also uses keyword research to guide the creation of content that is published on other websites that links back to you. This positions your website as part of a high quality network of sites that deliver value to visitors, so you come up in search results more often.


Some tools we use to audit and optimise SEO are:

  • Ahrefs, which helps you to understand how your competitors’ websites are doing, where they are getting inbound links or backlinks from, and discover any problems your site has that are affecting performance.
  • SemRush is for researching the right keywords to include in your content. This site not only tells you what your ideal prospects are searching for, but also provides you with semantic search terms you can include for greater reach.
  • Google Search Console enables you to analyse your organic traffic so you know which search terms are working and can increase your usage of them in appropriate places.

No matter how good your strategy is, marketing works only if you reach enough of the right people with your messages. By including search engine optimisation in your marketing checklist template, you can make sure you’re being found when they need you.

#6: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media can take over your life and feel like a never-ending story for the team member unfortunate enough to have to execute this part of your marketing plan. It’s looking set to be one of the top engagement opportunities in 2022, with July 2020 research by Datareportal showing almost 50% of respondents spent more time on social media than before, due to Covid-19.

Keeping your audience engaged on several different social channels is challenging, but we have a slate of tools that offer usable cheat sheets to help us.

Social Media Marketing TOOLKIT

From social media advertising to building relationships, these tools can help:

  • Publishing platforms such as HootSuite and MeetEdgar allow you to set up your social media posts ahead of time, complete with hashtags, images, and keywords. Automated scheduling means you don’t have to “babysit” this function on a daily basis any longer.
  • Meltwater Social Solutions is a social listening and management tool that allows you to do everything from publishing to tracking competitors, gather audience and consumer insights, identify and manage influencers.


Put your 2022 strategy into action with this marketing checklist template. Plan, execute, and measure impactful marketing campaigns, and track your progress easily.

Check out our downloadable summary here.

Marketing Checklist 2022

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