Your Critical 2024 Digital Marketing Checklist Template


As we emerge into the post-pandemic economy, marketing is taking on new importance to help businesses recover their footing. However, the challenges of the past couple of years have left many brands struggling, and the onus now is on marketing officers to find innovative new ways to raise awareness of their offering and attract buyers.

Top predictions for 2024 include an increased focus on influencer marketing, with 89% of marketers planning to raise or maintain their investment in this channel. Video marketing remains huge, with heightened attention to quality and brevity. Content remains king of the castle, while social selling channels are aiming to deliver greater value for consumers and sellers alike.

Here’s what we’re expecting to see happen, and how your company can stay ahead of the curve.

#1: Public Relations

Public Relations

As the incidence of fake news rises and with it, consumer suspicion, media outlets have grown to appreciate contributed content from subject matter experts. Not only does it come with the weight of the SME’s reputation behind it, but it reduces the cost of full-time staff for publications. With newsroom employment dropping by more than a quarter in the past 15 years, media outlets have increased their reliance on external authors. This is good news for thought leaders who want to expand their reach, because it offers multiple opportunities to get published.



Press Distribution Services

Companies are rediscovering the value of traditional press releases, although they are now distributed mostly through digital channels. This has the dual benefit of making it easier to get exposure and measuring the return on investment of the distribution. Results of PR have historically been difficult to track, but with the availability of PR analytics software it has become easier to measure the performance and reach of content.


International Services

Small Business / Budget



Media Monitoring Services

Media monitoring is listening to who’s saying what about your brand, your competitors, your industry, and any other topic that’s important to you. A media monitoring service, a press clipping service or a clipping service (as it was known in earlier times), provides you with copies of your appearances in the media and other content of specific interest to you.

Media Outreach Tools

PR and outreach software refers to a digital solution that helps your company identify and communicate with traditional media members, social media influencers, journalists and bloggers, with the goal of improving your media coverage and brand reputation. Some tools you can use for reaching media people include:

#2: Interactive Marketing

Interactive Marketing

Video marketing has soared in recent years, with 91% of businesses harnessing its usage in 2024. Vertical video, in particular, is vital for interactive marketing in 2024. Since smartphones have become the most popular method of shopping online, consumers want to be able to view marketing videos on their mobile screen. Where advertising was previously filmed in a landscape format, portrait is now taking over as the most valuable way to reach the audience.

Interactive Marketing TOOLKIT

Get the most out of your video marketing with these tools:

Video Creation

Video creation tools include the hardware and software used to develop your marketing videos. Whether you script, cast, and film your own footage or purchase stock footage, or a combination of both, you’ll need simple, intuitive programs that can generate the content you visualize to deliver your message. Get the most out of your video creation process with these tools:

Video Editing

Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video footage to structure and present your information in a consumable format for your target audience. Professional editing can make raw footage visually attractive and deliver your marketing message in a powerful, compelling way. Developing a high-quality marketing video doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, either. With these inspiring tools, you can create the video you want on your own device in a matter of minutes.

Stock Footage

Stock and archive footage, library pictures, and file footage is film or video recordings that can be used again in other films. This footage is commonly purchased from stock library platforms, and it benefits video creators by saving shooting new material. The following websites offer stock footage that either has rights managed or is royalty-free, making it an economically viable option for business use.

And if you want something really special, a coordinated stunt or photocall can deliver maximum impact and ROI from your video marketing.



Put your 2024 strategy into action with this marketing checklist template. Plan, execute, and measure impactful marketing campaigns, and track your progress easily.

Check out our downloadable summary here.

#3: Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

This is the art of leveraging the digital channels your target audience uses to attract them to seek out your product or service. An inbound marketing strategy focuses on optimizing your website, landing pages, email marketing, social media presence, and leveraging other digital options to create a positive experience customized for your brand’s ideal customer. Businesses that apply inbound marketing tactics can generate as high as 126% more leads than those that don’t.

Inbound Marketing TOOLKIT

A marketing checklist template of essential inbound tools includes:

Inbound lead generation is a marketing strategy that works by attracting prospective customers to your brand. Unlike outbound lead generation that involves you reaching out to customers, inbound lead generation means your prospects initiate the conversation and permit you to send them marketing material.

Paid Advertising (PPC) Tools

PPC management software and tools allow marketers to create, manage, and analyze their digital advertising campaigns. PPC tools can help you track analytics, manage your bidding, and provide competitor research, keyword tracking, and overall ad optimization.

A/B Testing Tools

A/B testing tools enable you to conduct A/B tests. Also known as split testing, this is a methodology for comparing two versions of a webpage or app against each other to determine which one performs better. These tools help you discover how to improve your conversions, provide better digital experiences, and understand how your customers prefer to use your product. Regular A/B tests will enable you to improve your customer experience while also increasing your revenue.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, and although many are easy to use and simple to deploy, you’ll do even better by appointing an experienced inbound marketing agency to develop a comprehensive strategy for you.

#4: Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Content is also the cornerstone of a digital marketing approach. From blog posts to brochures, website copy and press releases, every content item you publish must be unique and authoritative, and deliver value for the consumer.

A comprehensive strategy begins with developing and implementing an editorial calendar that combines quality keyword research with market-specific ideas, uses high-quality content publishing tools, and distributes your material as widely as possible. Content continues to rule most marketing strategies, but only 28% of B2B marketers have the right technology to manage it.

Content Marketing TOOLKIT

Content marketing tools you can try are:

Editorial Planning Software

An editorial content calendar is a tool that helps you plan the content publishing on your website. You can plan and schedule tasks such as the development of the material, the publication date, and manage your content team.

Content Writing Tools

Writing quality content consistently can be a challenge even for pros. Content writing tools help you iron out the glitches in a piece of content, making it highly engaging. There are tools that can help you improve your writing, create branded marketing content, generate topic ideas, create compelling titles, and more. AI tools even help you by creating your initial outline or draft, giving you a basis to work from.

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software enables you to create, send, and track emails to your list of subscribers. Using good software makes it easier to create well-designed emails, and also allows you to see key metrics such as open rates and click-through rates.

Your content strategy doesn’t depend only on creation, though. Once you’ve developed a wealth of valuable material, your content promotion efforts get the information in front of the right people.

#5: SEO


Displaying expertise and value has always been the focal point for online content, but the best content in the world is useless if nobody sees it. Optimising your website for search remains critical in 2024, and Google’s algorithm is getting better at evaluating signals and adjudicating quality content. Marketers must prioritise keyword research and audience-targeted content, and ensure websites have excellent page loading capabilities and high performance for users. Voice search will remain one of the most important options in 2024.

These tools will help with both on-page and off-site SEO. Some sites offer value-adds, like Semrush that has outreach templates you can adapt to any situation.


On-page SEO is the incorporation of researched keywords into high quality content, in a way that brings up the relevant pages when a user searches on the key terms. This is supported by regular review of the google analytics for your website, to determine which keywords are bringing the most visitors and the pages they are landing on.


This is more of a content promotion function than an SEO process, but it also uses keyword research to guide the creation of content that is published on other websites that links back to you. This positions your website as part of a high-quality network of sites that deliver value to visitors, so you come up in search results more often.


Some tools we use to audit and optimise SEO are:

SEO Software Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) software, or organic search marketing software, is designed to improve the ranking of websites in search engine results pages (SERPs) without paying the search engine provider for placement.

No matter how good your strategy is, marketing works only if you reach enough of the right people with your messages. By including search engine optimisation in your marketing checklist template, you can make sure you’re being found when they need you.


#6: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is overtaking search engines and the #1 way to attract website traffic. The ongoing recession predictions continue to fuel budget cuts, leading to renewed interest in social media marketing. Research from HootSuite shows social media has the potential to create real value for investors, by delivering an essential way to reach customers, gain valuable insights, and grow a brand. More businesses are turning to social media to engage and influence new and existing customers. A 2022 LinkedIn report shows 89% of customers are likely to consider a brand that impacts their way of thinking via social media.

Social media is set to be a top engagement opportunity in 2024, with the number of users projected to rise to 4.89 billion, up from 4.59 billion in 2022. Keeping your audience engaged on several different social channels is challenging, but we have a slate of tools that offer usable cheat sheets to help us. Here are some tools to help you knock this medium out of the park.

Social Media Marketing TOOLKIT

From social media advertising to building relationships, these tools can help:

Social Media Publishing Platforms

Social media publishing tools centralize the creation, scheduling, publication, and tracking of social media content across social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Social Media Listening Tools

Social media listening tools are software programs that monitor and analyze online conversations about your brand. These listening tools allow you to build a solid understanding of exactly how customers and potential customers think about you and your competitors by analyzing what they say on social channels. This is valuable market research you can access in real-time if you have the right tools to do so.

Social Media Advertising Software

Social media advertising software allows users to place ads on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or other social media platforms. Some social ad campaigns are designed to promote brand awareness, while others are direct response/click-through ads that aim to generate leads or revenue.


Put your 2024 strategy into action with this marketing checklist template. Plan, execute, and measure impactful marketing campaigns, and track your progress easily.

Check out our downloadable summary here.

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