Celebrity Seeding

We put our clients' products in the right influencers' hands at the right time to leverage their endorsements and testimonials to drive consumer purchases.

Celebrity Seeding

Working with key celebrities who identify with your brand is key to a successful campaign. Celebrities are the thought leaders especially when it comes to consumer lifestyle brands.

Our Approach

Forget multi million dollar endorsement deals, we can work with celebrities and influencers in both an unpaid and reciprocal capacity. Polkadot Communications has been successful in achieving this by:

Providing celebrities with amazing products that give the celebrity a chance to experience it, providing the client with content that they can now re-post.

Obtaining testimonials from influencers to promote the brand, product or service.

Utilising client’s product or business as currency as a primary tool over and above payment.

How Celebrity Seeding Works

Forget expensive endorsement deals, our public relations agency is able to leverage the association with celebrities through brand interaction.

By seeding your product to core celebrities that your target market is heavily influenced by, Polkadot Communications gets your product in the right hands.

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