PR Campaigns

We use powerful and targeted PR campaigns to drive the action our clients' need.


Identifying the PR message and the way consumers absorb media is key to a successful PR campaign. PR campaigns that generate coverage across multiple media platforms with a strong call to action will enable the client to see a direct return on their investment.

Our Approach

Before embarking on a PR campaign we complete a full assessment of your brand’s presence in the media. In doing so we can:

Identify PR successes and PR failures.

Identify areas of growth and improvements to your messaging.

Redefine what success is by setting KPIs for both qualitative and quantitative media coverage.

How PR Works

What makes good publicity? More importantly, how can you make publicity work for your company?

At Polkadot Communications, we know what it takes to generate and manage publicity so that people will identify with your brand’s messages.

A journalists’ job is a combination of researching and finding stories and receiving pitches from eager PR Agencies looking for coverage for their clients. Publicity is the core of any good PR campaign, and we don’t rely on the news to present itself. With Polkadot Communications staff having worked as journalists, the PR Agency team of professionals know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a publicists’ call. Keen to get the most coverage for their clients, a PR Agency that works tactfully and methodically to pitch stories to journalists will be the PR Agency that secures the most coverage for their clients.


The fundamental basis of any good PR campaign is ‘publicity’. It’s this publicity that generates awareness for brands and businesses, and the publicity that drives a call to action for consumers to engage with the brand is what creates a superior PR campaign.

The media landscape is competitive and any PR Agency will know this; there’s one journalist, hundreds of Sydney PR Agencies and thousands of brands. By simply pitching to media, no PR Agency is able to secure a 100% success rate, but rather, through adopting targeted PR activities that yield publicity for our clients, Polkadot Communications has been successful in growing our client’s brand through a variety of media channels.

As a Sydney PR Agency, when we commence a PR campaign we map out the Tier 1 and Tier 2 media that we aim to achieve. In conjunction with the client, we are able to create a targeted list of media channels where we aim to achieve coverage, ensuring that together we share the same view of success. A great PR Agency will continue to review their tiered list so that we’re able to see an effect from the press coverage achieved, such as hits to the website, phone calls or visits in store, for example.


There’s no such thing as bad publicity. PR Agencies subscribe to the belief that ‘all PR is good PR’ – it’s about spreading your brand’s message and what you do with it. We encourage clients to ride the publicity wave and get the most out of their media coverage, and with permission from the outlet we suggest they spread the message far and wide to their networks. After all, you can’t do this with authenticity or authority with an ad, can you?

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