PR Strategy

We use powerful and targeted PR strategies to drive the customer action our clients need for ambitious business growth.

PR Strategy

Execution of a PR campaign takes careful crafting of brand messages, analysis of target audience and effective methods of communicating to them. A PR campaign that follows this simple methodology will always be successful.

Our Approach

Once we have identified the key areas of development, a PR strategy is set. In doing so we do the following:

Adhere to a perfectly timed PR pitch timeline taking into consideration short and long lead media.

Analyse the type of media that your target audience engage with.

Execute an approach which will achieve your desired objectives by increasing brand awareness and sales.

A great PR campaign needs a great PR strategy

A Public Relations campaign is not a spontaneous exercise. You can’t wake up one morning and decide to start a PR campaign without a plan. A good PR Agency will work with their client to come up with a plan of attack that speaks to the objective of the client, where every objective meets an action.

A Public Relations Strategy takes into a number of factors including the seasons, where the business is at at the time of pitching, how the company transacts to make money, the competitive landscape of the industry, and the target audience and the media that they consume. Only once you’ve identified these topics and answered all of them, are you able to embark on a strategic PR campaign.


Public Relations Agencies can be guilty of jumping in the deep end when commencing a PR campaign. Pitching to media without assets such as photography, samples, media lists, press material, access to interviewees, to name a few is a dangerous exercise as ultimately the PR Agency isn’t able to provide the media exactly what they need.

We understand our clients

At Polkadot Communications, we do a complete audit of our client’s business to understand their objectives, their key messages and their vision of success, so that when we embark on a PR campaign, we’re able to meet and exceed the expectations of our client, so that PR becomes their preferred method of marketing and in their eyes, we’re the number one Public Relations Agency.

Seasonal pitching

Careful consideration should be taken as to who we should pitch our stories to and when. We often seasonalise our pitches, so that our client’s brands are relevant to major gift giving or topical stories that we know the media are going to write about, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, New Year’s Resolution, etc. By seasonalising our pitches we’re able to extrapolate multiple PR angles for our client with the main objective of achieving more coverage.

Every campaign is different

The most important rule when it comes to setting a Public Relations Strategy that any good PR Agency should adhere to is that no two campaigns are ever the same. Despite brands having similar target audiences, it’s up to us as the Public Relations Agency to differentiate between our clients and our angles and pitching so that we’re never in a position of conflicting messaging, but rather promoting unique content to the media that is going to grab their attention.

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