Stunts & Photo Calls

Like bees around honey, the paparazzi love a great photo opportunity. With our strategically managed stunts and photo calls we can give any brand the boost it needs to be famous.

Stunts & Photo Calls

Polkadot Communications has set up hundreds of photo calls which paparazzi and content photographers flock to for engaging content, often resulting in engaging press coverage.

By setting up an engaging and interactive stunt, we not only reach media but also consumers in one hit!

Our Approach

A fabulous backdrop, branding and interesting people complement the sell in of a story. When all three collide, we achieve the following:

A reason for media to run a story, pictures tell and sell a thousand words.

Content that can be shared across traditional and non-traditional media.

An exciting experience for the public to either observe or interact with your brand.

How Stunts & Photo Calls Work

Big bang photo opportunities that interact creatively with the end consumer.

Creating a big bang photo opportunity that’s going to instantly communicate with the general public and media is a tactic often used by PR professionals to sell in a story.

Polkadot Communications comes up with out- of-the-box photo and stunt concepts that creatively communicate to the end consumer, either by driving traffic online or in store, which leads to sales.

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